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Tree from the Royal Botanical Garden in Edinburgh

The recently published book:

"The Autobiography of Freedom, Leaving Enlightenment"
is available on Amazon for $19.95.

This book is about what happens when you give away your power whether that is to "enlightened" masters, Jerry Falwell, or religion in general.

And it is about how to regain that power and what it means to you.

The last chapter is about the "Meaning of Life... of Your Life" and where to find that... not where you'd expect to find it at all...!!!

The book starts off with living in the Rajneesh commune and moves on into the realm of personal power and learning that God/Goddess loves you unconditionally. That unconditional love means quite a lot and is well worth pursuing.

Nothing in this book is predictable nor can you assume it is an apology for the Rajneesh commune at all... it isn't. But where it goes from there is right into the law of resonant attraction and how to work with it which is where you do find your power.

Welcome to the Boundary

If you choose, you may step outside of the consensus reality... all of it. You do so by choice and not by judgment or finding fault with it. You merely step outside of the consensus reality.

The book above is about doing just that.

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